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X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller

X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller

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Specially Design for PUBG / Fortnite / Rules of Survival / Free Fire. The X33 Viper Controller is the ultimate gaming device for all mobile phones. It combines non-slip handles, adjustable triggers, and a blue light cooling fan so you can get an enhanced gaming experience like never before. Get ready for chicken dinner!

Gamers Choice Awards 2018 X33 Viper Controller

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Mobile Game Controller X33 Viper - With Cooling Fan, Fire Joystick L1 R1 Trigger For IOS & Android

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DESIGN - Specially designed for shooting games - You can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using triggers, just like on XBOX or PlayStation. This will give you a great advantage over your opponents!


COOLING - Your cellphone gets overheated after a while? Don't worry anymore, the X33 Viper Controller comes with a powerful cooling system with a cool blue light. This will keep your phone running smoothly much longer.

SUPPORTED DEVICES & GAMES - Easy to use, suitable for all models of 4.5-6.5-Inch iPhone/ Android phones. The X33 Viper Controller was specially designed for PUBG mobile, Fortnite, Free Fire, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical OPS, and it's compatible with many more!

*** The package includes 1 (one) X33 Viper Controller (Cellphone and other accessories are not included) ***

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Mobile Gaming Controller

Become a Battle Royal Master!

While your opponents play with 2 fingers you play with 4! With the X33 Viper Controller, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using your index fingers on the triggers. Your opponents will be using only the thumbs, how about that? You can set up the controller to fit any touch screen mobile and adjust the on-screen interactions to play any game.

Mobile Gaming Controller

Setup Instruction (General)

The setup process might be slightly different depending on the game. The following setup instructions are based on PUGB.

1. Enter the game main interface, and click the "settings" button;
2. Enter the "settings panel", choose "controller settings" and then click "custom panel"
3. Enlarge the "shooting" button size and move to the top right of the screen, move the "aim" key to the top left of the screen. You can set it up as best fits you actually right or left;
4. Install the X33 Viper Controller, adjust the conductive silicone head to the "shooting" and "aim" key;
5. Press the triggers to shoot and/or aim;
6. When the phone is of overheated, you can enable the fan by pressing the switch button on the back side;
7. To power the fan, connect a USB cable to your phone and into your X33 Viper Controller.



The controller is pressing the volume or locking my screen
A wrong installation may cause the triggers to press the volume or lock buttons on the side of your phone. Make sure the phone is correctly placed on the controller.

You are all set, off to be the Ultimate Battle Royal Champion with the Viper X33 Controller.

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