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Rear-view Mirror - Blind Spot - 2 units

Rear-view Mirror - Blind Spot - 2 units

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Drive with confidence without worrying about accidents!

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With our 2″ adjustable Rear-view Mirror (360° rotation) you’ll find it easier and safer to change lanes, merge and exit freeways. The stick-on application installs in seconds, and can be adjusted any time after installation to provide you the best, safest view possible from any seating position!

The convex surface provides a clear view of the lane beside and behind you, allowing safer riding with less time glancing over your shoulder and taking your eyes off the road ahead.

*** Package includes: 1 pair of Rear-view Mirror - Blind Spot  (2 units)


blind spot mirror espejo retrovisor de punto ciego


  • Best Accident Prevent Aid Available. Opens Blind Spots, Enlarges Angle of Perception, Takes Risk Out of Driving, Ensures Safety! In the majority of cases, the collisions occur when drivers pull out UNAWARE that there is a car in their blind spot. With blind spot mirrors, drivers can check their mirrors with confidence ensure that they have covered any potential blind spots and proceed to their destination.
  • Material: Glass
  • Perfect Quality For Comfortable Driving. Simple adhesive back LOCKS mirror into place!! Convex shape IMPROVES visible angle! Size enables ADJUSTABLE location!
  • Made For All Models of Vehicles. Perfect for New Drivers, Large Trucks, Transportation Vehicle, AND even outdoor vehicles!.
  • Easy to Use. Simply clean side mirrors, Remove adhesive seal, LOCK into position, enjoy a safer ride!! This new edition will reduce neck strain when driving, reduce glare for safe night driving, reduces side angle when merging into heavy traffic!

How to set the Rear-view Mirror - Blind Spot

Blind Spot Mirror blind spot mirror espejo retrovisor de punto ciego
Show those around you that you care, this is a perfect gift! 


Oferta por tiempo limitado. Descuento 50% OFF - Los mejores accesorios para su automóvil y puede pagar con efectivo. Dónde se venden? Cómo comprar? Puede comprar directamente en nuestro sitio. Envío disponible a todo el país. Este es el artículo más vendido. Ideal para usar mientras conduce su auto. Lo ayudará para estacionar y ver con claridad los puntos ciegos. El mejor accesorio para tu auto, coche, carro, camioneta, camión y más. El mejor espejo retrovisor que permite ver el punto ciego de su auto. El set incluye 2 espejos retrovisores para el punto ciego.

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