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EMS Replacement Pads

EMS Replacement Pads

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The Ultimate Abs Stimulator - EMS Pad has 6 gel pads. Biceps Pad has 2 gel pads. You get a full set of replacement pads for your Abs Pad and Biceps: Full Wireless Muscle Stimulator Replacement Gel Pads (contains 10 replacement gel pads).

The Ultimate Hip Trainer - EMS Pad has 2 gel pads. You get a set of 10 replacements pads. The replacement pads increase the product life.

When should I replace it?

  1. When you feel the performance is decreasing
  2. When your pad loses its adhesiveness, the adhesive surface dries out or is gouged or dirty 

How long can the gel sheets last?

About 30 uses if you use and maintain the product correctly.

How to maintain the product correctly?

Clean/dry your skin before using the EMS Pad; Stick the pad back to the cardboard after using it.

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